Donation to The Turning Point Center

The Turning Point Center, located in Houston, Texas, is a non-profit organization that helps elderly (ages 50 or above) homeless individuals to get back on their feet and reenter society as independent, self-sufficient, and productive citizens. It was started on October 1, 1988 in a dilapidated apartment complex with 34 units, but the location transformed to a safe haven with a capacity of 90 residents at a time. The Turning Point Center provides the essentials of food, shelter, clothing, and transportation, as well as benefits and service from collaboration with other agencies.

 Following Hurricane Harvey, the majority of the Houston was under water. The Daofeng & Angela Foundation immediately looked for ways to help the residents in the best way possible, and upon reading the stories about the Turning Point Center, Mr. and Mrs. He reached out to them. The He’s decided to sponsor the repair of the food pantry roof, which was damaged from the storm and heavy rain during the massive hurricane. The food pantry is an essential part for the residents at Turning Point Center as it stores all the foods to supply 3 essential meals for approximately 140 elderly residents. The food supplies are primarily dependent on donations collected from local restaurants and individuals.

 Within approximately two weeks, the Turning Point Center received a check from the Daofeng & Angela Foundation for the panty roof repair, and on November 17, 2017, the roof repair and all associated work were finally completed. At last, the residents at the Turning Point Center are no longer concerned about the food storage.


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Isha Desselle was explaining the history of the Turning Point Center