​Donations to Brighter Future Program 

​Brighter Future Program is a fifteen months’ project sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. He and collaboratively executed by Mercy Corps and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) in the Palabek Refugee Settlement Camp of Lamwo District, Uganda. 

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​​Google Map Picture of Lamwo District 

The program was initiated to provide humanitarian aid to refugees from South Sudan and while also continue to improve the Chinese NGO capabilities through this international refugee response. Based on an initial survey conducted by Mercy Corps and CFPA to understand refugee needs, the program is designed to first meet basic necessities for refugees and Ugandans in Lamwo District, improve food security by increasing agricultural production and productivity, and expand off-farm incomes by means of micro business and other activities. Through these activities, the Brighter Future Program intends to achieve a stronger market system and self-resilient economic structure in the community. 

In order to meet the basic needs for refugees and Ugandans in Lamwo District, unconditional cash transfers to vulnerable refugees and host communities, consisting of 2,500 households, are made on a monthly basis for a total of six months. The increase of agricultural production and productivity are achieved through a series of steps. First, access to agricultural land is granted through negotiations with local leaders and landowners; then, tillage services, which include seed selections, agricultural trainings, and tools, are provided. Off-farm incomes, or more specifically micro business from the youth, are promoted by funding small business proposals. Out of 450 proposals, a total of 100 proposals are funded and vocational trainings are also provided to ensure the success of the micro businesses. 

The project is currently underway, and it is scheduled to finish by May 2019. Brighter Future Program has delivered key targets and is expected to bring better results. 

Mrs. He was holding a baby after receiving welcome dance performed by refugee women

Mr. He with on site personnel

Refugees were carrying water home

Mrs. He was holding a baby after receiving welcome dance performed by refugee women


Updates in September 2019: The Brighter Future Program was completed in May 2019. The project met its key delivery dates for all planned objectives including budget objectives. Detailed of the project can be found in the final narrative report provided here: