Donations to National Council of Chinese Americans (NCCA, DBA as UCA)

The donation to the NCCA/UCA came from two days of brainstorming by Mr. Daofeng He, Mr. Haipei Shue, Mr. Peng Yang, Mr. Fang Chu and Mr. Kaiyuan Wang in Mr. He’s house. They brainstormed about how to improve the quality of life and the social status of Chinese Americans realized that Chinese Americans contributions to society are the foundation to better the social rights and statuses. As a result, the Daofeng & Angela Foundation sponsored the NCCA/UCA for the inaugural Chinese American Convention from September 8th to 10th of 2016. More than 400 guests from 30 states attended. The purpose of the Convention was to discuss the status quo of Chinese Americans in terms of identity and economy and discuss the social responsibilities of Chinese Americans, such as community service, charity, and other types of public services. Most importantly though, the Convention provided a roadmap for Chinese Americans to continue to strive for a more respectable social identity and image. The Convention also recognized and awarded those who made significant contributions to society. It is worthy to mention that the broad topics, magnitude, and influence of the Convention were significant. Following the first Convention in 2016, NCCA/UCA held the second annual Chinese American Convention in 2017. The Daofeng & Angela Foundation hopes NCCA/UCA to host many more Conventions to continue helping Chinese Americans in many aspects.


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Picture from UCA Convention in 2016