Donations to the C&O Canal Trust 

The C&O Canal National Historical Park is located in the District of Columbia and the states of Maryland and West Virginia. The Park accepts nearly 5,000,000 visitors a year, but one of the biggest challenges is that there are not enough benches in the park; only one bench has been installed upstream of Great Falls at the Monocacy Aqueduct. The visitors have no designated rest places in the park, and consequently, preserving the environmental heritage can be challenging when footsteps are everywhere.

As frequent visitors to parks, Mr. and Mrs. He decided to sponsor the Canal National Historical Park for bench installation. The Daofeng & Angela Foundation sponsored a total of 15 benches over six years for a donation of $60,000. It is one of the largest individual gifts ever made to the C&O Canal Trust. The benches will be installed in the locations of greatest need: Swains Lock, Seneca Creek Aqueduct, Point of Rocks, Brunswick, Byron Bridge/Harpers Ferry, Lock 38/Shepherdstown Bridge, Snyders Landing or Taylors Landing, Williamsport, Four Locks, Hancock, Little Orleans, Paw Paw Tunnel, Oldtown, Lock 75/North Branch, and Cumberland.

The 15 benches will be installed by volunteers from the C&O Canal Association, and a portion of the funds will be used for volunteer training. Mr. He is in favor of this approach as doing so would engage the public to participate in charity and promote environmental awareness.


​The donation was reported by C&O Canal Trust in the article of “Daofeng & Angela Foundation Donates 15 Benches to the C&O Canal National Historical Park”, more details can be found in this report. 

Mr. He signed the contract to install the benches

Mr. He signed the contract to install the benches

Mrs. He's trip to the The C&O Canal National Historical Park

Mr. He signed the contract to install the benches


Installations of the fifteen benches were completed within the year of 2018, as announced by the article of "Bench Collaboration Between the Daofeng & Angela Foundation and the C&O Canal Trust".


Benches installed over the locations mentioned above

A total of ten benches were installed in 2019, and they are located at the following spots: 

  1. Mile 6.9: Downstream from Lock 7

  2. Mile 12.1: Downstream from Anglers footbridge

  3. Mile 30.7: Downstream from Edwards Ferry lockhouse

  4. Mile 35.5: Upstream from Whites Ferry access road

  5. Mile 42.3: Monocacy Aqueduct – across aqueduct from access area

  6. Mile 44.5: Nolands Ferry – in picnic area overlooking boat ramp

  7. Mile 69.3: Antietam Aqueduct – downstream from access, across aqueduct

  8. Mile 80.5: Taylors Landing – downstream from boat landing

  9. Mile 112.5: Big Pool – upstream from point

  10. Mile 120.4: Little Pool – upstream from pedestrian bridge at campground​​

Bench Lock 7

Benches installed in 2019