Donations to Washington Guzheng Society


The Washington GuZheng Society was founded in 2000 and is led by art director Bing Xia. Mrs. He has known Ms. Bing Xia for many years and has attended several performances initiated by the Washington Zheng Society. The Washington Zheng Society has held a variety of performances at numerous places, ranging from public libraries, elementary schools, churches, and local malls to the famed Kennedy Center. Impressed by Xia’s expertise and persistence to promote the cultural diversities, as well as the positive impact Xia has on the community, the Daofeng and Angela Foundation decided to provide financial support to the group so that they can continue providing public performances at cultural events, concerts, and other inter-cultural activities . With the support, Mr. and Mrs. He wish that the Washington GuZheng Society will move into a new stage of its development to promote and disseminate the Guzheng culture.