Daofeng He


Mr. Daofeng He is originally from in Yunnan, China. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Yunnan University and a master's degree in economics from Fudan University, China. In the early 1980s, he worked for the famous think tank—The Research Center For Rural Development in China. In 1992, he founded Sinoway Investment Corporation Limited and was the chairman until 2016. During 1994-2000, he was the director and founder of the Human Resources Development Center of Western China, which involved in World Bank’s project of labor mobility from poverty area to the Coast areas. In this project, Mr. He pioneered the idea to mobilize 610,000 poor laborers to work at the manufacturing factories in the coast areas from 61 poor counties of the Western China. In 2001, Sinoway Co. acquired the bankrupted Sinobright (Group) Co., Ltd on the public lists and Mr. He served as its chairman until 2016. In 1998, Mr. He led Sinoway Co. to acquire the bankrupted Kangfu Pharmaceutical Factory, and rebuilt it as Sinoway Pharmaceutical Co., and Mr. He had been served as the chairman until 2017.


In 1999, Mr. He joined the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) as a volunteer. With his leadership, the CFPA developed to be the leader of the philanthropic industry in China from several aspects, such as the effective management and innovation of charity projects, international aid, industry self-disciplining, and microfinance poverty reduction etc. Mr. He initiated the microfinance poverty alleviation project with the World Bank in 1996, and transformed it into a program when he took over CFPA in 1999, then the program was involved as CD Finance Co. LTD, which is well known as the best social enterprise in China. In order to make CD Finance stronger and bigger, Mr. He separately invited IFC of World Bank Group, Ant Financial, and Sequoia Capital as shareholders from 2011 to 2016. The CD Finance has risen as the largest social enterprise in China, annually providing approximately $2 billion of micro-loans and self-reliance improvement services to near 500,000 women in rural China prior to Mr. He’s final departure from the board in 2018. Mr. He also served as the chairman of the China Foundation Center from 2014 to 2017, and collaborated with Mr. Yongguang Xui to build the CFC as a third-party information disclosure platform for all of China’s Charity Foundations. 


He led CFPA for 17 years, declining salary, and reformed CFPA into an independent NGO with poverty reduction and humanitarian-aid programs in China and ten other countries. The fundraising grew from $2.5 million in 1999 to $90 million in 2015 while Mr. He resigned from the executive president position. 


Mr. He has gradually resigned from the above positions since 2016, and moved to Maryland, United States for leisure, reading and writing, After retirement, he initiated in 2016 a family charity foundation “Daofeng&Angela Foundation”, and has made remarkable achievements in the leadership training, capacity building and international cooperation of non-profit organizations (NPO) in China. 


Mr. He received several awards over the years and some of them can be found on the website


Angela He


Director & Treasurer

Angela, Daofeng's wife, has lived in the USA for over ten years. During Hurricane Katrina, she opened her home to humanitarian aid organizations. She has done significant volunteer work while raising her two children. 

 "Helping and receiving help are equally important in our daily lives. "


Xuemei Feng


Xuemei Feng is a working mom in Houston area.  She has been working as an environmental engineer in a manufacturing chemical plant after obtained her PhD degree in Environmental Science and Engineering in 2012. 


During Hurricane Harvey, as the liaison between Daofeng & Angela Foundation and Turning Point Center, she visited Turning Point Center, and worked with Mrs. Desselle (Founder of Turning Point Center) to ensure the roof repair project was funded within approximately three weeks after the Hurricane. She has been part of the Daofeng & Angela Foundation since 2017 and enjoys the work!